Various suggestions for PhD students

Greg Mankiw, Harvard Econ professor, best-selling textbook author, and former Chair of President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisors, maintains a blog to communicate various ideas, mostly to his undergrad students. Last year he posted advice to undergrads; many then asked him to post advice to graduate students. He did…or rather, he posted links to the web pages of about 10 other economists who had already done so. I am now continuing the chain by pointing you to Greg’s listing of links to advice to grad students. Many of these are tailored for Econ Ph.D. students, but most are useful more broadly.
Greg was my classmate while I was getting my Ph.D. at MIT. In fact, when I took early prelims in February of my second year, the others sitting the prelims on the same day were Greg, Andrei Schleifer (Harvard prof.), Roland Benabou (MIT prof.) and Bruce Meyer (Northwestern prof.). I’ve often said my main glory at MIT was that I didn’t fail the prelim that day, given the competition.